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Tony and Esther do a variety of things in their ministry, both global and local. Their aim is to serve churches everywhere with their expertise. They teach seminars, lead worship services, give concerts, and speak/lead worship at retreats. Please use the contact form to partner with them in your own faith community in whichever ministry fits you best.



Worship Seminar
Evangelism Seminar
Purity Seminar



Worship Leading
Testimony Sharing


Beauty out of Brokenness Concert
Classical Piano Concert
Christmas Concert


Church Retreats


Worship Seminar, Evangelism Seminar, Purity Seminar

Montréal, QC, Canada


“We would recommend this for anybody’s church. It would be really uplifting, helpful, encouraging. It’s given us tools to continue to develop our worship ministries. And if you ever have the opportunity to have Esther and Tony join you, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you did.”

- Brian and Susan Talbot (Senior Pastor and Wife, Greenfield Park Baptist Church, Montréal, QC, Canada)


  • Esther teaches various topics on worship and the technical skills of leading musical worship, equipping worship leaders and worship teams.

  • Depending on the church, the seminar could be 2-4 hours or a whole day.

  • Topics include:

    • Biblical Theology of Worship

    • Worship Order as the Gospel in Motion

    • The Role of a Worship Leader

    • Training Effective Scripture Readers

    • Multicultural Worship in the Church

    • History of Worship and What We Could Learn from the Past



Pacific Garden Mission,

Chicago, IL, USA


"Tony Chuang models a zeal for evangelism that shines a bright light not only to the world but also to church." 

- Jason Lock (Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel - York Region, Markham, ON, Canada)

  • Tony teaches about everything related to sharing the Gospel, drawing from Biblical teaching as well as his doctoral studies and personal experience.

  • Tony has resources (books and articles) on evangelism from his current and soon-to-be-released publications.

  • Depending on the church, the seminar could be 1-4 hours, or a whole day.

  • Topics include:

    • Missio Dei

    • Biblical Warrants and Common Mistakes

    • How Evangelism Impacts the Average Attendee at the Local Church

    • Strategies and Ideas for Outreach

    • Community Analysis

    • Process from Neighbor to Disciple-Maker

    • What China Can Teach Us about Evangelism

    • Keeping Up with Modernization and Secularization

Kibera Slums, Nairobi, Kenya


Chicago, IL, USA


"I was challenged to put God first in my life as I take on activities in college. I also really appreciate the insights from the dating seminar." 

- G. (High School Student, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA)

  • Tony and Esther share their love story on how they met, how they pursued God while pursuing each other, and how they strived to stay pure. As they share their love story, they share about the importance of purity.

  • They also answer any questions the participants have on purity and sexual struggles.

  • The seminar ends with Scripture verses on staying pure. 

  • This seminar has always been very well received by youth groups and single young adults.

Wedding Day

Markham, ON, Canada



Preaching, Worship Leading, Testimony Sharing


South Korea


"Tony Chuang, you recently visited us and spoke in a way that the message was etched in our hearts... My experience is that Tony wasn’t just preaching, but has had a taste of what he was preaching. God bless your work brother."

- Tobbias Ngala (Senior Pastor, Trinity Chapel Mombasa, Mombasa, Kenya)

"You provide us with the most interesting, funny, and deep sermons. I love listening to your jokes and different words of wisdom in store."

- R. (High School Student, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA)


  • Tony ministers as the guest preacher on a Sunday worship service.

  • Tony preaches about a variety of passages and topics. Tony works closely with the church to develop the theme desired.

  • If the church does not suggest a topic, Tony likes to preach on missional living.

  • Tony uses expository or narrative style preaching most often, basing everything on the Biblical text.

  • Tony and Esther can do the entire service together, doing both the preaching and worship leading.

Nyon, Switzerland

Chicago, IL, USA


"Esther's praise leading at my church was incredibly powerful and amazing where people experienced God's living presence and His empowerment."

- Jin Oh (Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA)

  • Esther ministers as the guest music worship leader on a Sunday Worship Service.

  • Esther often leads in collaboration with the church's worship team.

  • Sometimes, Esther leads alone to provide a break for the regular worship team.

  • Esther and Tony can do the entire service together, doing both the preaching and worship leading.






“When we look at Haiti, we thought we were the poorest country, but when we heard from Tony and Esther... we have hope again that we could do something through revival and prayer.”

- Ronald Pierre (Music Director, Quisqueya Chapel, Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

"Honestly, I was very moved when I heard your testimony because it is something that I can kind of relate to. It is easily applicable to my life."

- S. (High School Student, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA)


  • Tony and Esther share their personal testimonies of God's faithfulness throughout their various trials in their lives.

  • More than stories, these testimonies challenge the average Christian to follow the God who works wonders, taking a hopeless nobody to someone who is traveling the world speaking hope to tens of thousands of people.

  • They share about the missional need in different nations, how "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few (Matt 9:37)" and encourages the church to pray for revival in the nations. They utilize many pictures from their trips. This is meant to make the local church think more globally.





Beauty out of Brokenness Concert, Classical Piano Concert, Christmas Concert




“Esther's concerts are a gift to God's people. Her music transports hearts to a place of worship in God's presence that is difficult to arrive at on one's own... Truly, I am lost in worship. Esther's testimony of God's faithfulness to her, as well as her powerpoints of trips overseas, make her concerts unique, interactive, and the reason that I will stop everything and go to them!”

- Nellie Fuder (Chicago, IL, USA)


  • Esther gives a worship concert with the theme "Beauty out of Brokenness."

  • It is a powerful worship experience with Esther’s solo piano playing, singing, testimony, and a short gospel message presented by Tony.

  • The testimonies and song of the concert focus on brokenness and healing from God. It is a deep emotional experience.

  • By advertising the special worship concert and inviting non-Christians, it will be an outreach to the unbelievers and a blessed time for the believers. Those who accept Christ should be connected with the church for a follow-up.



St. Giles Cathedral,

Edinburgh, Scotland


​​​"​Esther Shin Chuang is truly unique among sacred artists. She is a first-rate pianist, with a fully-trained technique well able to handle the largest and most-difficult pieces in the Classical repertory, and her enjoyment in sharing these masterworks with her diverse audiences is truly infectious. But above all, Esther's heart is focused upon her Lord and Savior.”

- Scott Griffin (Former Pianist at Moody Church, Concert Pianist of Captivating Keyboards, Chicago, IL USA)

  • Esther gives a classical concert by composers such as Chopin, Liszt, and Rachmaninoff

  • Esther weaves the composer's life or faith story between the pieces, making it a special experience.

Moody Church, Chicago, IL, USA

Sturtevant, WI,



"To see you... bring that encouragement and that word to say that God is working in us and through us...this has been such a great blessing."

- Abbel Joseph (Compassion International, Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

  • Esther gives a Christmas concert by singing Christmas carols and playing carol solo arrangements on the piano. 

  • The music ranges from the style of classical music to jazz. 

  • In between the songs, Esther shares the meanings behind the carols and about Christ's birth.

  • This concert has been done in both sacred and secular institutions.

  • This is a fun concert where anyone could enjoy, adults or kids, Christian or non-Christian, American or Malaysian.





Church Retreats, Conferences

Blowing Rock, NC, USA


"I really love the way you preach. You are also so funny. Thank you for letting me become closer with God and giving me more knowledge about the Gospel. I have learned many more this retreat because of you!" 

- A. K. (High School Student, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA)


  • Tony preaches sermons according to the theme of the retreat, usually set by the hosting church or organization.

  • Esther leads worship for the services.

  • Tony and Esther give various seminars.

  • Tony and Esther lead a time of prayer and prays for the participants of the retreat.

  • At these retreats, Tony and Esther usually spend time with the participants from waking to sleeping. They know that it is at these informal hang-outs where real ministry happens.

  • We specialize in youth and young adult retreats.

Moorlands Camp, Mandeville, Jamaica

Midwest Mission Studies Fellowship,

Berrien Springs, MI, USA


"You are truly such an inspirational motivator and anyone can see your love for God by the way you carry yourself and treat other people." 

- H. J. (High School Student, Elk Grove Village, IL, USA)

  • Tony preaches sermons according to the theme of the conference, usually set by the hosting church or organization.

  • Esther can lead worship for the services or do special music.

  • Depending on the conference, Tony sometimes preaches multiple times or plans the flow of the conference in conjunction with the host.

  • Either as plenary speaker or presenter, Tony has worked with Korean Cru, Evangelical Missiological Society, a pastor's conference in Mombasa, and multiple other groups.

  • Tony mostly works with Christian groups as the preacher, but many topics can fit multiple kinds of groups. Topics include:

    • What Does it Mean to be an Instrument of God?​

    • Fighting Depression and Suicide

    • Folk Religion's Impact on Christianity

    • Various Biblical themes

    • Scholarly presentations on many things related to missiology, sociology of religion, or theology

Higher Calling Conference, Naperville, IL, USA​

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